About Our Coffee

There are two types of coffee: the prized Arabica and the lower quality Robusta.
Arabica trees have long been known for producing high-quality coffee beans.
They grow almost exclusively at higher altitudes and are far more carefully cultivated than Robusta trees. Arabica coffee "cherries" are handpicked to ensure that only the ripest ones are processed. All Jitters Coffee varieties are derived from Arabica coffee trees grown on the world's best coffee estates and plantations. These premium beans are responsible for our coffees' distinct and complex flavors.


The highest grades of Arabica coffee are primarily sold by gourmet retailers—only 7% of the world's Arabica crop qualifies as Specialty Coffee. Arabica beans are delicate and flavorful, and they command higher prices due to their high quality and scarcity. These plants are less abundant than Robusta because they are frequently grown at higher altitudes, where weather and proper cultivation play an important role in the plant's development. Because the Arabica tree is more susceptible to disease, frost, and drought, it requires careful cultivation in ideal climatic conditions. Jitters Coffee only sells Arabica beans of the highest quality.


All flavored coffees are available in decaf, which is produced using the Swiss Water Process (SWP), a chemical-free and method that provides the best-tasting decaf coffee. It is gluten-free and calorie-free. Most decaffeination procedures use chemical solvents such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate to remove caffeine molecules from coffee beans. They also remove the flavor! Jitters Coffee only uses the Swiss Water Process (SWP) decaffeinated coffee and will taste as delicious as it did before the coffee was decaffeinated.