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Brew Methods of Coffee

Brew Methods of Coffee

Coffee is one of those things that you need to enjoy every day. Whether it is morning, noon or night, a cup of coffee can make your whole day! There are many types and brands of coffee beans out there and the different ways you brew these beans will allow for a similar experience with each type.

Let’s take a look at what methods are available for making the perfect cup!

French Press

The French Press is a one-bowl brewer that separates the grounds from the brew right in your cup. This contrasts with drip coffee makers, where the filter traps all of the grounds in a separate chamber. The manual method is more labor-intensive than automatic, but it has perks over its automatic counterpart, namely greater freshness and versatility.

Drip Method

The best drip coffee brewing method is really a matter of personal preference. The term "drip" refers to the way coffee beans are typically filtered and boiled in a fine mesh cloth onto an aluminum plate, rather than in a pot of boiled water. This brew method is generally more consistent than other methods and produces a cleaner and clear flavor. However, it can also be tedious, time-consuming, and hard to clean up.


The pour-over coffee method is a brewing technique that makes use of pour-over coffee filters. It remotely resembles the French Press in brewing parameters, but the process is typically different in that hot water is poured through a filter rather than into a pot before it's then brewed with ground beans. The result of the process is an exceptionally clean flavor profile with very little bitterness, acidic notes or other unwanted additives.

Cold Brew

Cold brew methods represent a more natural way of brewing coffee. Instead of using hot water to extract the flavor from ground coffee beans, cold brew methods use cold water and time. This results in a smoother and less acidic beverage than traditional hot brew methods.  Cold brew methods may be used for iced coffee, as well as many other applications.

In the Bottom Line

The brew method is a very quick and easy process, but it does require a little bit of care. It can get messy, so it's important to be careful with the materials you use. Because the process is so simple, though, I'd say that this is more of a recipe or way to get your creative juices flowing rather than anything that requires too much thought process.

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